Honorable Lady Victoria Anthoinette Sauvignon

(Michele Sacksteder) 

Calontir Minister of Youth

(417) 439-8410

No calls after 9 PM please.


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This page is currently under construction - please keep an eye out for updates very soon!


Kestrel Page School

It has just been tradition to teach Kestrel Page School at Lilies War, but there are youth who would like to learn and attend the classes that are not able to attend Lilies War. To aid in this we are offering to hold a Kestrel Page class at the next Coronation (January 2013). To confirm that there is enough interest to offer this class, please contact the Kingdom MoY if you are interested. Kingdom MoY (MoY@calontir.org).

Handbooks & Forms

Event & Incident Forms

  • Activity Report
    This is a form to help you breakdown and record youth activities. If you are a Youth Supervisor or an MoY at Large (background checked individuals running youth activities at an event), a report of the activity needs to be turned into your event steward and copy turned in to your Kingdom MoY. The information the Kingdom MoY is looking for is in this form.

  • Incident Report
    This is a form to help you clarify information about any incidents that may happen during a youth activity. I use such forms for: when a child is injured, when there is an argument between a parent and the MoY running the activity, for any reports of bullying, etc. If you are unsure if you should use this form, then always err on the side of caution and fill out one and turn it in with your Activity report.

  • Youth Participation Roster
    Youth participate in activities and we like to keep a record of that to know what events and activities are well received. This is NOT a sign in sheet. Parents DO NOT SIGN IN their children. The phrase “sign in” denotes that we as MoY are taking responsibility for their children in a guardian-like manner and will restrain the children at the activity until a parent returns for the child. We are not a babysitting service and we will not hold children in the activity area. If a parent is unsure that their child will stay and follow the rules of the youth activity, then the child should not be “left” at the activity. Parents are always welcome to stay and help their children with activities.

Upcoming Youth Activities

Events with Youth Activities


SCA Youth Helping Youth

SCA Youth Helping Youth is a program where the youth of our Kingdom work together on a service project to help the modern community outside our Society; designed to give the youth of our Kingdom the tools needed to become leaders in their modern community as a whole, while also showing that chivalry and honor is alive in this modern age.


Youth and Teen will discuss possible service projects at Lilies War and throughout July and August at various events and though social media (Facebook, email, electronic lists, phone calls, etc.). By the end of September a project will be chosen and completed by the following March. If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact the Kingdom MoY (MoY@calontir.org).

SCA Youth Helping Youth will be accepting donations at the following events:

Crown Tournament (Barony of Mag Mor)
Toys for Tots (Shire of Crystal Mynes)
Winter Court (Barony of Three Rivers)
Kris Kinder (Barony of Forgotten Sea)
Chieftans (Barony of Three Rivers)

If you have donations but cannot make it to one of these events or if you would like to collect items at an event not listed, please contact Apple (MoY@calontir.org).


Calontir Background Checks

This check is required to be in charge of these activities, but not to assist in running these activities. Please contact the Kingdom MoY (MoY@calontir.org) to get the forms that need to be submitted.

You’ll need to fill out forms and mail them directly to the SCA’s corporate office. DO NOT send these forms to the Kingdom Seneschal, or to the Kingdom Minister of Youth. We do not need, and will never see or ask this information.

Once you have sent these forms in to the corporate office, please send a note to the Kingdom Seneschal and to the Kingdom Minister of Youth letting us know you have done so, and including your full SCA name, legal name, and membership number.

Once the report comes back from the agency that handles them, you will receive a letter telling you you’ve passed, or a letter telling you you’ve failed and giving the reason and the documentation to support this. If you should fail for some reason, you can appeal this at that time.

The Kingdom Seneschal will receive a report with a simple Pass/Fail notification. He WILL NOT see the reason for any failure.

The time it takes to get a response depends on the reporting agencies, so it’s out of our hands once the process is started.

If you have any questions, please let the Kingdom Seneschal (Seneschal@calontir.org ) or Kingdom MoY (MoY@calontir.org) know.

Advertising Youth Activities

Since one of the jobs of this office is to promote ongoing youth activities at events, we would like to start posting events that have youth activities. If you would like your youth activity posted, please make sure the following criteria are met:

  • The activity must be supervised by two un-related adults.

  • The adult in charge of the activity must have passed a SCA approved background check (Please do not let this criteria stop you from offering youth activities, there are volunteers who have already passed & are willing to help at your event. Please e-mail the Kingdom MoY for more details).

  • Let me know as soon as possible about your event so the list may be updated quickly.

Since many parents choose the events they will attend based on which events have youth activities, youth activities is an easy way to increase the number of attendees at your event.